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Aerial Mapping and 3D Photogrammetry

Newcastle & Maitland, NSW

Summer, 2022/23

asset inspections
thermal scanning

At the end of 2022, Eclipse was asked to subcontract on a data capture project across the Newcastle and Maitland area in NSW.

The scope was to capture high-quality rooftop images of commercial properties as part of a wider asset management project. Exacting dataset requirements and often difficult access made for an interesting flight planning operation.

We chose to use our pair of DJI Air2S drones for this project as they not only exceeded the imaging requirements but also allowed us to present a very minimized risk profile to the client. In combination with DroneLink software, these 600g aircraft could be flown at low level and with precision, their onboard collision avoidance sensors making avoiding the large gum trees at some sites easy.

A fast turnaround of datasets was also important, with 4 or 5 properties to be surveyed each day. With multiple batteries available and large capacity lithium storage cells in the vehicle for fast charging on the move, we have not yet been delayed whilst waiting for batteries to charge!

Eclipse Aero is excited to be able to collaborate with different clients to capture timely and high-quality data. It’s our mission and as such it’s something that we are really very good at.



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