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Mavic 3T for Overhead Electrical Inspection

Eclipse Aero Capability

Summer, 2023

broken insulator
raw thermal capture

In response to an increased demand for overhead electrical inspections, Eclipse Aero have added the powerful DJI Mavic 3 Thermal to its fleet of aircraft.

As one of DJI’s Enterprise level aircraft. The Mavic 3T boasts some impressive specifications for such a small unit. The triple camera gimbal gives us not only a 48MP wide lens camera (doubling the resolution of our previous aircraft), but also a 12MP zoom camera capable of a x7 optical and x56 digital zoom. The inclusion of a 640×512/30hz radiometric thermal camera puts the equivalent of 327,680 individual thermometers in the palm of our hands giving us pinpoint, real time data on an asset’s thermal signature.

With 4 batteries, each giving up to 45 minutes of flight time and two powerful 100W chargers we have been able to keep flying all day in often blustery conditions.

You’d think all this power would take up a lot of space and effort to transport? Not a chance!

Eclipse Aero’s Mavic 3T, complete with Enterprise controller, 4 batteries, dual chargers and all the spares we need fits inside a small hard case – and with batteries under the magic 100wH limit we can carry that case on commercial flights anywhere within Australia!

We use qualified linesmen to report on all data captured, so you can be sure that nothing gets missed. Eclipse Aero and the Mavic 3T are ready to go on any site, big or small.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and get a quote underway.


DJI Mavic 3T

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